Actual Videos

Please see actual footage captured by Stealth Monitoring’s Live Video Monitoring Control Center. Stealth trained operators take action on suspicious activity every night and proactively deter most of the incidents. Certain apprehensions and video data are confidential but we have included some videos below for everyone to see that we takeover Pan Tilt Zoom cameras before an alarm, trigger, or event has necessarily occurred. The police respond quicker to our dispatch as we video verify an incident is in progress and provide real-time information to the respondents. Stealth deters unwanted activity every night from its secure control center and uses the video’s below with permission from private commercial businesses.

HVAC Rooftop Units Protected Sound Deterrent
Sound Deterrent Skateboarders Stealth Monitoring on the News
Remote video monitoring audio warning for potential HVAC theft Onsite Guards Sleeping versus Remote video monitoring
Virtual Guard Services using Remote Video Surveillance Monitoring Shopping center incident
Remote Video Surveillance Catches Criminal in Real Time

Please let us know if you are having trouble viewing any of our actual videos. Contact us to learn more about how we can catch criminals red-handed on your property.