When Stealth live video moves in, undesirables move out

Apartment Industry

Tired of doing your own video searches? Stealth Monitoring has a department that reviews all relevant cameras to provide a concise summary of what happened on camera with related police report data if available. Law enforcement officials love the work we do.

Guards can be of great assistance but are very expensive. Drive by patrol-services are rarely onsite when they need to be. Police patrols can be costly. Other IP camera systems that are not being watched live will not produce the same results as Stealth's proven solution. We have apartment clients coast to coast and want to listen to your needs so we can customize a security solution.

Apartment complexes seek to maintain a secure environment for their tenants, while reducing their own exposure to premises liability. When your property manager goes home, Stealth can be on the job. Let our professional staff keep a watchful eye on your property when you're not there.

We'll send you videos of incidents caught by our cameras that you probably didn't even know happened. Plus we can activate on-site speakers and call the police often before a situation escalates. That's the kind of visible security with recorded video that vandals, drug dealers, and undesirable residents and visitors don't want. Property owners tell us crime and problems move away, which results in occupancy and rental rates increasing.

Stealth Monitoring lessens your liability by increasing security around laundry facilities, leasing office, pools, fitness centers, mailboxes and other common areas. An on-site guard is an expensive option and live guards open your complex to accountability should the guard become injured or injure another on the job. Many apartments are already making the transition to virtual security and reducing live guard hours.

Stealth Monitoring 24/7 live monitoring and high quality IP megapixel video provide a more effective alternative to traditional surveillance methods. Stealth offers more complete security, including perimeter protection and fortification of access points. Our trained operators can watch for live break-ins and property damage. When

suspicious activity is noticed they can activate speakers and communicate with authorities, which increases the likelihood of identifying or catching perpetrators and collecting damages.

Stealth Monitoring develops property-specific protocols and custom monitoring packages that increase operational and cost efficiency. The Stealth security solution can reduce insurance costs and considerably reduce overall expenses.

Contact us today to learn more about our cost-effective crime prevention solutions for your apartment community.


Stealth remote video surveillance watches the outside of your property. When monitors see suspicious activity they can play speakers and call police, often before criminals break in to buildings and cause damage, theft, and loss to assets. >> PROACTIVE LIVE MONITORING


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