• Stealth Introduction

    Stealth Monitoring reduces crime by integrating the latest security technology and managing onsite surveillance systems from a remote Live Video Monitoring control center.  Staffed with trained operators such as police officers and IT technicians, Stealth proactively monitors commercial/government facilities before an alarm occurs.  Nationwide, Stealth has...

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  • Video Surveillance Vital in Arrest of Copper Thieves

    In Bryan County, OK, as in the rest of the United States, copper theft is not an uncommon occurrence. Incidents are reported multiple times a week, and the county’s residents and businesses have suffered a number of power outages as a result. Last month, a...

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  • Law Enforcement Agencies Seek Increased Access to Surveillance Footage

    Having immediate access to live video surveillance footage of in-progress crimes has proven to be an effective way to minimize damage and apprehend suspects, and police agencies across the country are eager to gain access to the live video feeds of many cameras already installed...

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  • D.C. Police Pushing for Real-Time Monitoring

    Since the installation of neighborhood crime cameras in 2006, Washington, D.C., police have been increasingly relying on video footage pulled from surveillance cameras as a primary investigative tool. Although real-time monitoring still isn’t an option for the MPD, investigators can currently request recorded footage from...

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  • Copper Theft Deemed “Like an Epidemic” in the US

    While the dangers and detriments associated with copper theft are certainly nothing new, the topic has once again made headline news for spreading “like an epidemic” throughout the United States. Copper theft has turned into a $1 billion dollar industry, and the FBI has long...

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  • Cloud-Based Video Surveillance

    While video monitoring providers have long been using aspects of cloud computing in their systems, surveillance industry professionals and analysts foresee an upcoming increased emphasis on cloud-based infrastructure. In its annual white paper on video surveillance trends for 2013, IMS Research predicted that private cloud-based...

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