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Cincinnati Live Video Monitoring

The latest video surveillance technology and live video monitoring protection from Stealth Monitoring are available to businesses in Cincinnati. Our professionally trained technicians allow Stealth Monitoring’s state of the art systems to be integrated with a wide variety of security measures, supplementing the existing systems of your business and maximizing protection. Our Virtual Guard Services allow our video security monitoring systems can be integrated with wireless camera systems, PC based DVRs, remotely operated gates, access control and telephone entry systems.

Cincinnati Businesses Can Protect Themselves with Stealth Monitoring


Stealth Monitoring services will place a watchful eye over your Cincinnati business during all hours.

Cincinnati is only the third largest city population in Ohio, but it has a crime rate above the national average. For only one tenth of the annual salary of a live human guard, Cincinnati businesses can afford themselves the unparalleled coverage of proactive video surveillance monitoring from Stealth Monitoring. Where other surveillance companies will rely on triggers, sensors and alarms before checking in on the cameras in your business, Stealth Monitoring prefers to take a proactive approach. Our technicians will constantly monitor the cameras in your building, ready to take action at the first sign of nefarious activity, following a specific, agreed-upon protocol.

At Stealth Monitoring, we believe that cameras are essentially useless if no one is watching. While unmanned cameras may capture video of a crime, it will do nothing but contribute after the fact evidence, leaving you to pay for losses and property damage. With live video monitoring from Stealth Monitoring, we utilize existing relationships with local police departments to provide officers with live video feeds of the crime in progress. Not only does this allow police officers to locate a suspect more quickly, but crimes in progress receive priority, vastly decreasing response time and increasing the likelihood that your property is spared damage and the suspect is apprehended.

Custom Video Monitoring Solutions for Businesses in Cincinnati

The experience and versatility of Stealth Monitoring’s equipment and technicians allow us to provide custom turnkey solutions that fit best with your business, property and existing systems. Find peace of mind in the knowledge that your property is under the watchful eye of Stealth Monitoring. Contact us today to learn more about how we can save you money, reduce your crime, and minimize your liability.


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