Commerical Real Estate Video Monitoring Camera Surveillance

commercial real estate video surveillance, video monitoring, cctv security camerasStealth Monitoring offers a state-of-the art security solution for commercial real estate. The Stealth system includes a network of security cameras that are proactively monitored in real-time by professional security experts. Stealth’s remote video monitoring has been able to reduce crime before it takes place. When Stealth’s offsite security guards notice suspicious activity on your property, they can notify the local authorities before any malicious actions take place. This has saved property owners thousands of dollars in damage and helps retain happier tenants, customers, and visitors.

Stealth Monitoring’s next generation security services have been used to both replace and augment traditional security guard services on properties such as apartment complexes, shopping centers, industrial facilities, office buildings, construction sites, and condominiums. Stealth has advanced technology and customized solutions for replacing guards with a more effective security and safety service often at a fraction of the cost. Stealth can utilize existing investments in cameras and can help finance the cost of new equipment. Many clients package the Stealth live video monitoring services as part of the monthly CAM expenses to reduce the risk for tenants and to increase the benefits to the property. In fact, many management companies and brokers are using Stealth’s advanced security services as a marketing tool in distinguishing one property from another.

Stealth has case studies of apartment complexes and office/industrial properties that have reported higher occupancy rates, higher rents, and lower maintenance costs associated with repairing facilities after criminal activity. Their live monitored security services provide a sense of comfort to tenants and encourage them to renew their leases.

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