Copper Theft Prevention

Copper theft is a serious problem that is getting worse during this economic downtown. Approximately $1 billion per year of copper wire theft costs have plagued this nation as estimated by the Department of Energy. Copper is being stolen from businesses and homes and particularly from air conditioning units, construction sites, telephone lines, highway infrastructure, and electrical meters/substations. If your business deals with any type of copper or valuable metal, then you have an increased danger of theft. Thieves target air conditioning parts, copper wiring, and copper pipes, so they can resell it. In addition to losing an expensive material, businesses often have to deal with serious property damage from thieves tearing out the copper. They often tear down walls, destroy infrastructure and wreck havoc to everything in sight to get to the copper. Commodity prices for copper have doubled in the last two years and scrap metal dealers have done their best to work with Congress and minimize stolen copper.

However, you can reduce your risk of copper theft from occurring. The key is to be proactive in installing a solution as opposed to waiting until it’s too late. Insurance companies can be a challenge to work with and deductibles, premiums, and next term’s rates will rise. customizes live video monitoring services to proactively watch remote security cameras. Stealth watches over 2,000 security cameras looking for copper theft. Installing a security camera is not enough. Just recording to a DVR for after the fact evidence makes it difficult to identify anyone wearing a hat or hood. can activate speakers to let suspicious individuals and cars know that we are watching them before they cause any damage. If you would like to learn more about how to prevent copper theft at your commercial property, then contact

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