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Live Security Video Monitoring

Why spend money on a surveillance system if no one is watching?

Stealth Monitoring reduces crime and property damage by integrating the latest security technology and managing onsite surveillance systems from a remote Live Video Monitoring control center. We make use of the extensive experience and technical know-how of our staff. Stealth’s control center is staffed with such trained individuals as retired police and military trained personnel, IT technicians, and supervisors.Stealth stands out from the competition by proactively watching live security cameras in real time on rooftops, alley’s, perimeters, and anywhere else on commercial/government facilities before an alarm even occurs. This allows Stealth Monitoring to take an active part in deterring crimes before they take place by issuing auditory warnings. We will contact the authorities the moment criminal activity begins, leveraging our relationships with local police departments to provide officers with live footage of the crime in progress, leading to faster response times and higher rates of suspect apprehension.Get Your Custom Live Video Monitoring Solution with Stealth Monitoring

Nationwide, Stealth offers custom turnkey solutions including consultation, design, installation, live video monitoring, and maintenance for security equipment. Stealth has integrated thousands of cameras and uses advanced video analytics to offer the most proactive LIVE real time video monitoring services.

  • Established Relationships with Police Departments around the country.
  • Proactive Monitoring, not event-based – We can deter malicious activity before it happens.
  • Thousands of monitored cameras and hundreds of satisfied clients.
  • We watch security cameras like no one else.
  • Call us at 1-855-783-2584 for more information.