Scrap Metal Video Monitoring Camera Surveillance

Scrap Metal video surveillance, video monitoring, cctv security cameras

Metal recycling and other salvage type industries must address scrap thefts on two fronts: First, they must protect themselves from having their own material stolen, and they also need to take measures to identify incoming stolen material to avoid purchasing it.

Stealth Monitoring can provide the technological tools to address both of these issues. The installation of video surveillance cameras around the perimeter of your facility, on your scales, and in your offices along with the live monitoring of these cameras will reduce theft and fraud for you business. Stealth Monitoring has years of experience in working successfully with the Scrap Metal Recycling Industry. We are able to integrate POS type systems into video files of you scales as vehicles drive across. Our systems will record weight and license plate info along with facial recognition files of drivers. Cash register transaction can also be incorporated into videos of purchasing activities. This can aid you in the identification if individuals whom you suspect are selling stolen materials.

Stealth Monitoring takes a proactive approach to watching you perimeter cameras live and in real time so that we are able to recognize potential incidents quickly and call police so that they have a better chance of catching criminals in the act.